A Badger Bank Certificate of Deposit offers a savings vehicle with a guaranteed, competitive interest rate. We offer various terms to meet your individual needs.

  • Our standard Certificates of Deposit require a $1,000.00 minimum deposit.
  • We also offer an Option Certificate of Deposit in which you are allowed a one-time rate change and a one-time opportunity to add additional money during the term of the certificate. Our Option Certificates of Deposit require a $5,000.00 minimum deposit.
An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a flexible investment plan that allows individuals to plan for retirement. Any individual under the age of 70 (for the entire tax year) and who has earned income can establish an IRA. Interest rates vary by term and type of investment. 

Interest will be credited quarterly and at maturity and is compounded daily. See Deposit Rates for rate information. Please be advised other early withdrawal penalties and rules on deposits or withdrawals are imposed on the IRA under the Internal Revenue Code.