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Personal Money Orders

When you have to send money somewhere, rest assure there is a safe and dependable way to do so. See your Badger Bank Personal Banker for a personal money order today! $2 fee checks issued for $1,000 or less- customer signs check. 

Bank Draft (Bank Money Order)

$3 fee — Checks issued for more than $1,000 require a bank officer signature.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit offers you the convenience of having your Payroll, Social Security or other Federal Government supplemental income checks deposited directly into your Badger Bank account each month. You no longer have to worry about these checks being lost or stolen. Look into this convenient plan today so you can enjoy the security it offers. 

Night Depository

This is your after-hours banking solution! The night depository is your all-night, every-night banking facility.


(1-800-219-5151) Confidential and convenient way to complete banking day or night. NO FEES. Available menu options include: Account information, posting of recent debits and credits, transfer capabilities between deposit accounts, receive faxes on account information, loan balances, payments and payoffs, access message center, business hours, special events.

TRANSFER CUT-OFF FOR SAME DAY CREDIT 6:00 P.M. When calling our 24-Hour Telebanc, please have your account numbers available. If you are a first-time caller, you may want to call the bank at 920-563-2478 or 608-423-3241 to obtain your temporary PIN (Personal Identification Number). For safety and security reasons, during the initial use of the 24-Hour Telebanc systems, you will be told that this PIN has expired, and you will be prompted to choose a confidential PIN at this time.

Business accounts do not have access to Telebanc. Business accounts require written authorization to have access to 24-Hour Telebanc. Please contact your local Badger Bank branch for information.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep important and irreplaceable documents, photos and valuables in one safe, easily accessible place. Rent a Badger Bank safe deposit box in the size and price range that fits your needs.  Click here for size and pricing information.

Coin and Cash Orders

Access and deposit large amounts of coin and currency—conveniently, securely and accurately.

Sweep Accounts

A type of overdraft protection which gives you the ability to sweep funds from your savings account to cover any overdraft situations that may occur. This saves the embarrassment of overdrafts, ensures good credit history on deposit accounts with us and saves the cost of overdraft fees. No availability to sweep from money market accounts. Sweep authorization form must be signed by customer. Fee of $15 for initial set up and $7 fee for each transfer.

Notary Services

Badger Bank has several notaries on staff.

Local Bill Payment

Our Fort Atkinson Badger Bank branch accepts Abendroth bills.  Our Cambridge Badger Bank branch accepts Village Water & Sewer bills.

Wire Transfer Instructions

View instructions for making domestic and international wire transfers (PDF) to Badger Bank.