Identity Theft Info
At Badger Bank, we value the safety of our customers' identity and work to protect it. Click here to view our Badger Bank Identity Theft Brochure or select any of the below links to view tips for protection from identity theft.

If your card has been lost or stolen it is important that you immediately contact Badger Bank. We can be reached during business hours at 920-563-2478. If you are calling during non-business hours please contact our card provider SHAZAM at 800-383-8000. If you are calling regarding a Badger Bank Credit Card, please call 800-883-0131.

For the safety of our customers, Badger Bank regularly monitors debit card activity. Should suspicious activity occur your card may be blocked. Therefore, if you are traveling , please make sure to notify us so we do not flag your transactions and block your card to limit additional potentially fraudulent expenditures. If you are traveling and your card is blocked, please contact us at (920) 563-2478 during business hours. If you are calling after hours, please contact our card provider SHAZAM at 866-508-2693.