Badger Bank offers the total package. That means offering you and your business everything you need to manage your money quickly and easily. We have a wide variety of banking services so your customer experience is always the best it can be. Take a look at some of the many convenient services we offer below.

Bank Draft (Bank Money Order)
$3 fee- Checks issued for more than $1,000 require a bank officer signature.
Night Depository
This is your after hour banking solution! The night depository is your all-night, every-night banking facility.
Notary Services
Badger Bank has several notaries on staff.
Safe Deposit Boxes
Keep important and irreplaceable documents, photos and valuables in one safe, easily accessible place. Rent a Badger Bank safe deposit box in the size and price range that fits your needs. Click here for size and pricing information.
Coin and Cash Orders
Access and deposit large amounts of coin and currency—conveniently, securely and accurately.
Overdraft Protection
A line of credit tied directly to your checking account that will transfer funds from the line to your checking account to cover any overdraft. Saves embarrassment of overdrafts, ensures good credit history and saves cost of overdraft fees. There is an annual fee of $20 plus interest of 18% on outstanding balances. Subject to credit approval. Contact us for an application. Offered to individuals and sole proprietorships only.
Sweep Accounts
A type of overdraft protection which gives you the ability to sweep funds from your savings account to cover any overdraft situations that may occur. Completed in $100 increments. This saves the embarrassment of overdrafts, ensures good credit history on deposit accounts with us and saves the cost of overdraft fees. No availability to sweep from money market accounts. Sweep authorization form must be signed by customer. Fee of $15 for initial set up and $7 fee for each transfer.
Fee Schedule
Click here to see a current fee schedule for various Badger Bank Services.